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Who We Are

Director and President: Hu Yanyan

Vice President: Wang Hui, Guo Tong

Executive Assistant to President: Liu Ying

International Business Development Director: David Yu


Founded in May 1993, China Guardian is the premier auction house that specializes in Chinese antiques and art, offering annual spring and autumn sales and quarterly auctions. Headquartered in Beijing, China Guardian also operates in Shanghai, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan and North America. In October 2012, China Guardian (Hong Kong) International Auction Co. Ltd held its first auction in Hong Kong, making it the most vital step in the history of Chinese art auctions.


In the past 23 years, China Guardian has successfully held more than 1,200 auctions, with a total sales volume of nearly 50 billion yuan. Nearly 450,000 items were sold at the China Guardian’s auctions.


Through unremitting efforts of China Guardian, many top-notch items have been brought back to China, while some have been housed at professional art institutes. For example, Wen’s Book Collection, Shiyutie by Huai Su from China’s Tang Dynasty, Yangshengzhu by Emperor Gaozong of Song Dynasty. Some items sold at China Guardian are in the collection of museums and art galleries. For example, Chunyu Tie, Jiaxue Tie, Xinqi Tie by Zhuxi and Zhang Shi collected by Beijing Palace Museum; Chushisongjuan by a Sui Dynasty scholar collected by Beijing Palace Museum; Ping’an Tie by ancient Chinese calligrapher Wang Xizhi collected by Long Museum; JingganMountains by Li Keran collected by Long Museum.


Meanwhile, many items sold at China Guardian’s auctions broke the trading record in the regional and even the global art market. In 2007 China Guardian Autumn Auctions, Ming Dynasty painter Qiu Ying’s Red Cliff was sold for 79.52 million yuan, making Chinese painting’s price cross the $10 million-mark for the first time.


Besides, the following items all achieved the highest transaction price of each catalogue.
Qi Baishi’s Pine and Cypress, 2011 Spring Auctions, transaction price: 425.5 million yuan;
Ping’an Tie by ancient Chinese calligrapher Wang Xizhi, 2010 Autumn Auctions, transaction price: 308 million yuan;
Fuxi-style Chinese zither from Tang Dyansty, 2011 Spring Auctions, transaction price: 115 million yuan;
Qianlong edition of LantingTu in silks and gold thread, 2004 Spring Auctions, transaction price 35.75 million yuan,
Vase painted with patterns of eight immortals crossing the sea made from period of Emperor Qianlong of Qing Dynasty, 2006 Spring Auctions, transaction price 35.75 million yuan;
Ming Dynasty framed bed made in Huanghuali wood with six horseshoe legs and cloud clusters patterns, 2010 Autumn Auctions, transaction price 43.12 million yuan;
Jin Shangyi’s Tajik Bride, 2013 Autumn Auctions, transaction price: 85.1 million yuan.


In 2015, the transaction price of the three items sold at China Guardian’s auctions surpassed 100 million yuan, taking on the top three of the mainland art market price (Pan Tianshou’s Eagle, Rock and Flora, 279 million yuan; Li Keran’s Thousands of Mountains in Autumn, 184 million yuan; Li Keran’s Jinggang Mountain, 127 million yuan). In 2016, Zeng Gong’s The Jushi in Regular Script sold at China Guardian 2016 Spring Auctions topped on the list of Chinese classic painting and calligraphy. A red clay pumpkin shaped teapot by Chen Mingyuan was sold at price of 32.2 million yuan, breaking the trading record of red stoneware and Chen’s own works.


Committed to serving customers worldwide, China Guardian is certified by the Chinese authorities as an AAA auction company, the highest accolade in the industry, and has been rewarded for being a trustworthy company for its credible business conduct. According to a 2014 market statistics report released by China Association of Auctioneers and three Chinese state authorities in 2015, China Guardian came first in nine statistics. Among them, seven statistics, including enterprise’s total tax payment, lots money, and commissions ranked top on the list for four successive years in China Association of Auctioneers’ annual report. In China Guardian’s development over the past 20 years, it has committed to work together with all parties in the industry to promote the standardization of Chinese art and cultural relic auctions.


China Guardian has long been actively involved in public welfare activities, including charitable contributions and supporting arts education. In May 2008, Chinese Guardian held the “Enduring Together - Disaster Relief Charity Auction of Chinese Contemporary Art World". Income from the auction was donated to the Sichuan earthquake stricken area through social welfare organizations. In 2010, China Guardian set up its first large special scholarship "China Guardian Xu Bangda Art Education Scholarship“ to encourage Chinese youths to learn and to carry forward the noble character and scholar spirit of Mr. Xu Bangda. In 2013, China Guardian joined up with Lu Mutao, owner of HongshuBaiyunlou, to donate Yuan Dynasty calligrapher Zhang Dashan’s Chu Shi Song to the Beijing Palace Museum. The same year, China Guardian held a large-scale culture and art exhibition, "Retrospective Exhibition of Exquisite Items from China Guardian’s Artwork Auctions of the Past 20 Years". In 2016, during the 90th anniversary of Beijing Palace Museum, China Guardian exclusive supported "Shiqu Baoji International Symposium" during the "Shiqu Baoji special exhibition", one of the activities of its anniversary celebrations. In order to promote the art exchange between the East and the West, China Guardian has assisted in Asia Foundation’s Lotus Leadership Award and supported the Asian Art Museum in organizing “The First Sight - Asian Contemporary Collection Exhibition". In addition, China Guardian won the “Year’s Most Influential Auction Company” in Chinese Art Market Forum for several consecutive years, and elected as Hurun’s"most popular auction house" title for seven years, and awarded with the "Annual Auction Company in 2015 Annual China Power List” by the China Art Power List.



China Guardian (Hong Kong) International Auction Co. Ltd


Established in May 2011, China Guardian (Hong Kong) International Auction Co. Ltd held its first auction in Hong Kong in autumn 2012, and now it has held eight auctions. The company has outstanding team of international background, with steady working style, solid professional foundation, and sincere attitude. Its line of business includes the auction of Chinese painting and calligraphy, porcelain, antiques, works of art, China’s 20th century and contemporary art, watches, jewelry, jade and other major categories.