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How to Sell


Step 1

Visit our company's website or call us for our auction business' scope or related auction rules.


Step 2

1. Send objects

If you bring items to our company for auction, please refer to the following timetable for receiving different collections.

(Unless specifically noted, drop off time is 9:30 to 11:30 a.m. and 1:30 to 4:30 p.m at working day. Only for Beijing Headquarter of China Guardian.) 

Timetable for receiving items

Morning 9:30-11:30 

Afternoon 13:30-16:30

Paintings and Calligraphy
Works of Art
Ancient Books





Oil Paintings

Special tips: If the time coincides with our previews, auctions (the time is shown on the Calendar) or arrangement works before the auctions (1-2 days before the preview), please be sure to call us in advance to ask if reception is available. Phone number; (86-10)8592 8288. We apologize for any inconvenience.

If there's any collection of furniture, please give priority of whether to send by mail or e-mail.

 2. Sending by E-mail

E-mail addresses for different kinds of collections:

(1) Chinese painting and calligraphy (Contemporary, Classical and Modern)
For Spring Auctions or Autumn Auctions: sh@cguardian.com
For Quarterly Auctions: sjsh@cguardian.com

(2) Works of Art
Ceramics, jade, Yixing Zisha pottery, Buddha figures, embroidery, snuff bottles, scholar wares, incense burner, contemporary ceramics for Spring Auctions or Autumn Auctions: cq@cguardian.com
Classic furniture, natural stone, seal cutting, ancient Chinese lute for Spring Auctions or Autumn Auctions: gyp@cguardian.com
Porcelain and works of art for Quarterly Auctions: sjcg@cguardian.com

(3) Chinese oil painting, sculpture and contemporary art: yh@cguardian.com

(4) Chinese ancient rare books, inscription rubbings: gj@cguardian.com

(5) Stamps, coins, gold and silver ware, letters and manuscripts: yb@cguardian.com

(6) Jewelry Watches & Luxury Good: zhubao@cguardian.com

(7) Others (of uncertain kinds) and consulting services: mail@cguardian.com

Notice for sending by e-mail:

We don't support the functions for reading photos through external download of giant attachments. Please directly paste or upload your photos in the e-mail in the form of normal attachments.

Please pay attention to the format and size of the photo. It is recommended that the size of each photo be less than 500k, and that of each e-mail less than 30M.

Please write down your name and the category of the collections in the subject of the e-mail and send it to the e-mail of every sector correspondingly. If you send more than one e-mail, please mark the serial number in order after every subject of the e-mail. (For example: 1, 2, 3…)

An example of the e-mail subject line is: xxx(your name) send painting and calligraphy collection 1.

We will reply as soon as possible after receiving the e-mail. During the auction, the reply may be delayed due to the busy nature of the business. Thanks for understanding!

If the experts judge that the collections are suitable for sending, you can continue by letting experts examine them according to the timetable.

3. Sending by mail

Please send the photo of the collection and relevant data to us by express, registered letters, or ordinary mail. Leave your address, postcode and contact number in the mail.

Notice: do not directly send the collection object to us.


Step 3

Our business experts examine the collection objects.


Step 4

Both parties sign the contract of authorization for auction. The auction target will be preserved by our company.


Step 5

Incorporate the auction target into the Catalogue of Auction Targets.


Step 6

The auction target will be displayed openly in the preview.


Step 7


If the auction target is sold, we will pay the gain-on-sale according to the Article 23 and Article 24 of the Auction Rules.

And if the auction fails to be sold, the client should get back the auction target according to Article 29 of the Auction Rules, and pay the service charge and other fees to our company according to the contract of authorization for auction.