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China Guardian Autumn Auctions 2019 raise 2.568 billion yuan

China Guardian Autumn Auctions 2019 concluded on Nov 20, totaling 2.568 billion yuan across 32 sessions. Many highlights emerged during the 5-day event. Three lots were sold for more than 100 million yuan, 30 lots over 10 million yuan, 5 sessions hit a 100 percent turnover rate, and many world auction records were set.



China Guardian Autumn Auctions 2019


Raised 2.568 billion yuan



32 sessions were offered in 5 days.


4861 lots were sold.


The total turnover rate was 76 percent.




3 lots were sold for more than 100 million yuan.


30 lots were sold for over 10 million yuan.


5 sessions reached 100 percent turnover rate.




Many world auction records were set.


Zhao Mengfu’s Letters sold for 267.375 million yuan,


setting the highest world auction record for the artist.


Pan Tianshou’s Pine after Rain sold for 205.85 million yuan.


Li Keran’s Jinggang Mountain sold for 138 million yuan.




Ms. Hu Yanyan, Director and President of China Guardian Auctions Co., Ltd., says,


The autumn sun seems particularly brilliant and dazzling today, and the five-day China Guardian Autumn Auctions 2019 have come to a successful end. With this, China Guardian has held two major auctions: “Spring Auctions 2019” and “Autumn Auctions 2019”, as well as three Quarterly Auctions in Beijing, two auctions, spring sales and autumn sales, in Hong Kong, and 9 E-BIDDINGs, totaling 5.7 billion yuan this year.


Three lots were sold for more than 100 million yuan this season. Zhao Mengfu’s Letters set the highest world auction record for the artist when it sold for 267.375 million yuan, Pan Tianshou’s Pine after Rain sold for 205.85 million yuan and Li Keran’s Jinggang Mountain sold for 138 million. We are delighted that these masterpieces’ cultural, historical and artistic value has been recognized and they can be collected by people who know them well at China Guardian. Here, I would like to thank all the customers and friends who support and care about China Guardian and all of our colleagues. I hope China Guardian will, as always, find a spiritual home for those who value art, build a reliable trading platform for those who invest in art and provide a happy workplace for those who love art.




Total turnover by category


Chinese Painting and Calligraphy, 1.59 billion yuan


20th Century and Contemporary Art, 389 million yuan


Porcelain and Works of Art, 219 million yuan


Classic Furniture, 105 million yuan


Rare Books, 62.92 million yuan


Stamps and Covers, Coins, Banknotes, 51.224 million yuan


Jewelry and Jadeite, 72.85 million yuan


Wine, 78.2 million yuan




Five sessions hit 100 percent turnover rate


Genuineness in the Verdant Pavilion: Modern Chinese Painting from a Private Collection


Collection of Yixing Zisha Pottery by Song Taoyuan


The Endowment of Nature—Important Tianhuang Seals and Works of Art from the Song Taoyuan


Rubbings, Collotype and Lithographic Printing Books from the Collection of Qi Gong


Fine and Rare Kweichou Mou-tai Chiew





Top 10 lots



Lot 1381

Zhao Mengfu


Price Realized: RMB 267,375,000


It's the highest price in the world for Zhao Mengfu's works.


It is a calligraphy work from the Yuan Dynasty that attracted the attention of academia.


It is a precious document for studying Zhao Mengfu's life.


It is a key work to explore the track of Zhao's calligraphy style, which has influenced Chinese calligraphy history for hundreds of years.


It has important cultural, historical and artistic values.


It took 1 hour and 8 minutes to be sold, with 87 bids.




Lot 902

Pan Tianshou

Pine after Rain

Price Realized: RMB 205,850,000


It is an extraordinary masterpiece created during the peak of Pan Tianshou's art career.


It made its first appearance at an auction in 40 years. 


It is the third highest price for a Pan Tianshou's work. 




Lot 930

Li Keran

Jinggang Mountain

Price Realized: RMB 138,000,000


It's a landscape masterpiece by Li Keran.


It is the most cherished work by Li Keran and collected by himself for many years.




Lot 1369

Qian Weicheng

Yizhou Pavilion

Price Realized: RMB 74,750,000



Lot 2020

Leng Jun

Portrait of Xiao Jiang

Price Realized: RMB70,150,000



Lot 2032

Jin Shangyi


Price Realized: RMB 63,250,000



Lot 3586

Kangxi Period, Qing Dynasty

An Extremely Rare Large Imperial Gilt-Bronze Figure of Shakyamuni

Price Realized: RMB 63,250,000



Lot 1375

Shi Tao

Inspired by Du Fu's Poem

Price Realized: RMB 55,200,000



Lot 2009


Pink Chrysanthemums in a White Vase

Price Realized: RMB 55,200,000



Lot 5009

Extremely rare 5.57 carat natural fancy intense pink diamond and diamond ring

Price Realized: RMB 49,450,000





Impressive lots


Lot 2406

672 pieces of rubbings and manuscripts from Qigong’s Collection

Price Realized: RMB 29,325,000


Lot 947

Xie Zhiliu, Chen Peiqiu

Bamboo and Bird

Price Realized: RMB 22,425,000


Lot 4636

Late Ming/Early Qing Period

Pair of large Huanghuali armchairs with Fu-character pattern

Price Realized: RMB 20,700,000


Lot 4134

A package of tea leaf marked with Songpinhao blue trademark

Price Realized: RMB 9,775,000


Lot 2031

Nam June Paik

Rocketship to Virtual Venus

Price Realized: RMB9,200,000


Lot 2012

Ting Yinyung

Lady in Orange

Price Realized: RMB 6,095,000


Lot 2844

Qing Dynasty, 17th century

A purple clay teapot by Chen Mingyuan

Price Realized: RMB 7,705,000


Lot 3451

Qianlong Seal Mark of the Period

A fine yongle style blue and white “lotus” basin

Price Realized: RMB 4,715,000 


Lot 4428

Yang Xie

A Shoushan Tian-huang square plain seal carved by Yang Longshi

Price Realized: RMB 5,865,000


Lot 6023

Qing Dynasty

A Qianlong Emperor's golden white shell

Price Realized: RMB 5,750,000


Lot 2187

Collected by Zhu Xizu, Written by Zhang Taiyan


Price Realized: RMB 5,175,000



Lot 2354

Former Collection of Zhang Tingji, Xiao Shaofen Inscribed by Zhao Wei, Huang Xifan

Lan Ting Xu

Price Realized: RMB 2,587,500


Lot 6203

Karl Marx

Autograph signed Capital

Price Realized: RMB 4,025,000


Lot 9248

Liberated Area, Stamp of Mao Zedong’s Portrait

Price Realized: RMB 1,610,000



Against the backdrop of the global economic downturn, China Guardian has always focused on professionalism, market orientation, integrity, and innovation. The gratifying results of China Guardian Autumn Auctions 2019 show that the company’s efforts are not in vain. We will continue to dig into the academic value of the lots, improve our services, expand development space, and provide more high-quality and rich cultural and artistic items and services for art lovers, researchers and collectors in the future.




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China Guardian Autumn Auctions 2019 raise 2.568 billion yuan